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Well this week has been a long, long week! The children are obviously on wind down and finding it especially hard to follow instructions. It makes us see how far we have come as the sort of behaviour we are occasionally getting now is how the children used to behave all the time. We have had some chats about how hard it was the first term. We had never had to deal with such challenging behaviour from so many children! It was extremely tough and there were times I thought we were all going to have some sort of breakdown.
The point is we did get through and the behaviour did improve. The problem is that when you are feeling most down that is the time you need to be the most positive. But we did it and this week we’ve given ourselves a bit of a pat on the back for that!

Something else we’ve patted ourselves for this week is the sporting side. We had sports day this week and it was fantastic. We did a round robin of different activities, where the children could just take part and enjoy. Then we had refreshments, with an ice-cream van providing the most delicious ice cream. After that we had races. This is a way of getting the balance between children not feeling like failures, something that we are perhaps even more conscious of than mainstream school, yet giving those who can understand a chance to experience the competitive side. One of the races was a hurdles race, the small ones (we’re good but not that good!) With this is mind we started practicing with hurdles after the Easter holidays! And all the children in my class managed to jump over them which made us all really proud (although this was under the guidance of my teaching assistants running alongside them!)

The final sporting agenda of the week was our last swimming session of the year. We are so lucky that the local pool allow us to use it every week. The children have such fun and seem to be able to use skills they can’t display anywhere else. One of my children has struggled to learn colours all year yet in the swimming pool can select the correct colour fish, armbands and floats consistently! Another child who has very little language can initiate communication and request different games to play, One is when the child stands on my knees, I count up to three then the child jumps off. Today the child came over and made counting noises and splashed. It was one of those moments I wrote about at the start of my blogs. It just makes everything seem worth it!

Author: Becky

Hi. I’m Becky. I work in a school for children with complex needs, teaching in the early years and key stage 1 unit. I have worked there for four years and love (mostly) the highs and lows of working with SEN. My big passion is speech and language but will be blogging about all sorts of wonders that occur when working with special needs children.

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