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Picture the story...

Picture the story…

The term visual literacy has been used in a variety of ways but I like to use the term simply to mean, ‘Reading a picture.’ What do we want children to do with a text when we ask them to read it? We want them to look at it, comprehend what is going on and then respond to it in a variety of ways. This can simply be for enjoyment, to influence their thinking and encourage questioning or to inspire some writing. This is what we want to happen when we show them a picture.
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Is this really literacy though, Sir?  It isn't boring!

Is this really literacy though, Sir? It isn’t boring!

In many of the schools I have worked in ask a child to read a book and they see it as a chore. Ask them to watch a film and they think it is a treat. Sadly, rarely do the children come into school discussing the brilliant book they have read the night before. Classroom talk revolves around what they have watched on the TV the night before or that morning. I decided that rather than ignoring this enthusiasm for moving images I should tap into it.
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