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The end is in sight…

Yesterday evening I rushed up to University to join up with my fellow trainee teachers for a final meal together. Most of them (a couple, for one reason or another, have ended up postponing their last placement and will continue in September) had just officially signed the necessary paperwork and could now call themselves 'teachers'. It's something that I'll be doing in a couple of weeks too, which will be a big relief (see my last blog post if you'd like to see why!)
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Please disregard previous blog post...

Please disregard previous blog post…

I'm okay now. Well, not okay, but getting there. Ultimately it's nothing life-threatening, but I've been diagnosed with a chronic thing (I don't want to say disease, it makes me sound contagious) called Ulcerative Colitis. I'll let you Google it if you want. I'm one of around 100,000 people in the U.K to have it, and it's apparently a tricky disorder to pin down. Where it comes from, who knows. But apparently stress can play a part.
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Staying in bed until 9am because it's half term. Yessss!

Staying in bed until 9am because it’s half term. Yessss!

I've decided that that's enough talking about bad things for now. I've already mentioned not getting a job, concerns about being unemployed in September, and almost dying last week (headaches AND a cold, thank you!). So let's think about some of the lighter moments that I've experienced in education so far.
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“You did really well, but…”

I’m writing this blog not long after hearing that I had been unsuccessful in my first interview for a teaching post. The devastation I feel right now is… devastating. It was such a lovely school, with such an interesting role (teaching both EYFS and KS1 – sometimes at the same time!) I’ve vowed to write this blog today as I kind of self-help therapy session. So here it goes.
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“I’m remaining optimistic…”

After offering to blog a few thoughts about life as a trainee teacher I began to consider what topic I could delve into for my first post. Actually, that’s a lie. I finished off a job application first. Then I continued with my medium term plans (which, having had no experience whatsoever of previously, and with no actual input from university, was great fun). Oh, and then I had to get all of my paperwork together for my final placement. Then I opened up Microsoft Word and began to actually start writing this blog post.
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