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Chickens, Castles and Cuddly Canines

Chickens, Castles and Cuddly Canines

Well, Teacher’s Pet is over 12 months old now so I think it’s about time you guys found out who I am and what actually goes on behind the scenes where resource making is concerned.
I’m not expecting my blog to be ground breaking, just an opportunity to let you all inside my head a little (it’s a messy place – bring guide ropes) and share what’s up and coming.

April & May have certainly been interesting months. What with Royal weddings, bank holidays and my own birthday I’m amazed I managed to get anything done.

I swallowed my moans and groans towards the end of April and managed to produce a few royal wedding resources – I have to be honest, didn’t feel inspired by this one. Kept putting it off, hoping you’d all forget or that Kate would call it off but neither happened. Whilst others were slobbering over Kate Middletons dress on the Friday afternoon I’m afraid I was nowhere to be found – doing my usual escape act (also known as walking the dog). Not a soul to be found, it was great! Could actually relax and walk Benji in peace, without having to shout my head off everytime he did a disappearing number on me when he caught sight of another dog.


Benji is, shall we say…overly friendly and it doesn’t always go down too well. He’s a 2 year old German Shepherd, soft as a brush but when you see him charging towards you and your dog it’s still a scary sight. He only managed to scare 1 couple over to the other side of the road that day though so we did rather well.

It was like when you watch one of those cheesy films and you wait for the main character to say the film title in one of his lines…
As daft as it sounds, I owe a lot to Benji. You wouldn’t believe the weeks it took us to actually come up with a name for our venture. If you’ve ever created a website yourself you’ll know what I mean. Choosing the name isn’t the worst part, its choosing a name that doesn’t already have a registered domain. It was pet week, I’d brought in a picture of Benji & the kids caught Benji fever that day. Some of the questions…hilarious! And at the end of the day one of the children yanked their mum into the classroom and said “look, come and see the teacher’s pet” – well that was it! It stuck like glue straight away. It was like when you watch one of those cheesy films and you wait for the main character to say the film title in one of his lines…”he said it!”

You may have noticed though that we weren’t ground breaking in originality when it came to the name Teacher’s Pet – quite a few people had reached the conclusion well before us but I didn’t care this time round so http://tpet.co.uk was born – rather catchy we thought and a whole lot easier to type too!

Drives me insane at times – I cant look at my older resources for too long otherwise I want to start remaking them – that time will come, but not yet!
Hard to believe that all happened over a year ago – how time flies when you’re busy! This time last year I was just about getting to gribs with Adobe Illustrator (thats the software I use to create the resources) and a set of simple (and all be it awful) 2D shape posters were a triump and demonstration of my skills. Drives me insane at times – I cant look at my older resources for too long otherwise I want to start remaking them – that time will come, but not yet!

Resource Round-Up

Jack and the Beanstalk – now there’s an interesting story! Taught this so many times but never actually thought about it in too much depth and a good job too! Ok, so a boy breaks into a castle, steals a chicken and a harp & when the giant tries to take back what’s his, Jack’s mum kills him – NICE!

Jack & the Beanstalk
Really enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk & The Little Red Hen though – was nice to get back into some story making. Always goes to the bottom of the pile, as I need a few days set aside to have the time to draw all the characters. The giant took some doing, every costume I drew for him looked like he’d dressed in his mother’s clothes, wasn’t good but I got there in the end.


Little Red Hen
The Little Red Hen wasn’t that simple either – every copy of that story that I possess contains different animals! That’s what happens with Chinese whispers I guess. I went with the majority in the end – a cow, a goat and a cat.



Castles & Knights
Loved this one! Got to make my very first board game too. Not as easy a task as I first thought, had to print out several trials before I got it right and of course…me and Jay had a test go – Jay won!


At The Seaside
Jay didn’t like this topic so much, mainly because it consisted of me singing ‘oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ for 3 days solid. I would have sang more but remembering lyrics is not my thing. What I enjoyed most about this topic is the thing I often enjoy when researching for new resources – photo browsing! Some of the old photographs I found on Flickr of people enjoying the british beaches in the 1900s was amazing. The clothes, the horses, Fantastic! Blackpool has certainly changed.

Michael Recycle
Up my sleeve at the moment is a bit of ‘Michael Recycle’ and ‘Save the Rainforest. Trying to get more into the KS2 stuff at the moment (I know its been neglected right from the start). So difficult to get it right. The majority of our users at present appear to be EY/KS1 based which means I get LOTS of requests for EY/KS1 resources and when I do put KS2 stuff online it doesn’t always gather a massive audience but until I start investing more time in KS2 its going to remain that way so going to have to just stick at it! Believe it or not I was initially KS2 trained (did a 4 year Primary BA at MMU Crewe) – no idea why I’ve latched onto the EY/KS1 stuff so much – weird.


After that it’ll be a ‘Habitats/Adaptation/Jungle/Zoo/Farm’ extravaganza but keep sending in your requests, I never leave one out – they all get added to my to do list!

Golden Oldie

Every week I’ll be bringing an older resource to the top of the pile – one that might have slipped through the net and gone off the radar but deserves a quick reminder.

O'clock Dominoes
A full set of dominoes which display all 12 analogue clock faces. This game can be played full circle by matching the correct clocks to the appropriate time. I also have these for half past, quarter past, quarter to and mixed. A quick search for dominoes will bring them all up.



Well, that’s your lot for this week – I’m off! Actually, I wish I was but I’ve got a mountain of resource request emails to reply to. If your awaiting a response it’s on its way.

Same time next week? See you there!

Author: Christina

My name's Christina and I work over at Teacher's Pet. I'm the gal responsible for creating all the resources, answering emails and taking care of our social network pages. I'm a fully qualified teacher (taught mostly in lower KS2 but secretly 'Reception is my favourite'). Also spent a lot of time working with children and young adults with disabilities with a passion for working with those with ASD.

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  1. Kimberley Rivett says:

    You guys have worked so hard and created an amazing resource for teachers…the ideas and resource list are gonna be endless! Just get the tweets going and FB working for you and the breadth of ideas will fall in you r lap!
    Keep up the great work! Love reading the blog too!

    • My to do list is already about 20 miles long 😀
      I have enough resource suggestions to keep me going for the next 20 years or so.
      You should definitely join our Facebook and Twitter community – almost 5,000 people strong now – definitely the place to go to check out peoples ideas/suggestions and hear about what’s new on tpet.

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