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Class Rules Display

Class Rules Display

I ♥ this idea for displaying class rules!

The only thing I would perhaps change is the wording of ‘class rules’. I much prefer phrases such as:
We think a happy classroom needs…
Our class contract
Our classroom is a place where…

Currently sketching up some ideas for class rules display resources.
Does anyone have any good ideas to share?

What about linking this to rights and responsibilities?

You could also take photos of the children doing the various ‘right’ things.

For more of a visual WOW I would always recommend printing the photos as A5 or A4, then cut around the shape of the child and possibly mount onto coloured paper to help them stand out that bit more and will make them easier to take down in 1 piece.

Author: Christina

My name's Christina and I work over at Teacher's Pet. I'm the gal responsible for creating all the resources, answering emails and taking care of our social network pages. I'm a fully qualified teacher (taught mostly in lower KS2 but secretly 'Reception is my favourite'). Also spent a lot of time working with children and young adults with disabilities with a passion for working with those with ASD.

3 Comments to “Class Rules Display”
  1. Stephanie says:

    I love this! How did you print out the speech bubbles? What do you mean by A4 and A5?

    • Hi Stephanie

      I’m not sure about the speech bubbles as this is an image I found online but you can find lots of free ‘speech bubble’ images online, just try a Google search.

      When I mention A4 and A5 I am referring to paper size. A5 being half of A4.

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