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Classroom Dangles

Classroom Dangles

Last week, on our Facebook page, I shared a new set of resources that I planned on adding to the Teacher’s Pet displays collection…Classroom Dangles!

With the pressure now on to ensure that display board space is used mainly to interact with the class, it seems we are all running out of space in our classrooms to display the everyday bits and pieces! So it is important to use the space you have in the best way possible.

With this in mind – our new classroom bunting has been extremely popular, however, I know a lot of key stage two teachers feel that bunting can be more early years and key stage one focussed – so our new classroom dangles are a great alternative.

Basically, they are double-sided cards which you hang from the ceiling using ribbon.

To gather some inspiration and find out what you guys wanted, I held a competition, where people could suggest a set of classroom dangles I could create. We were overwhelmed with over 150 entries in less than 4 hours!

The winning ideas were:

What to do when I’m Through Dangles – suggested by Colette M. Perfect for early finishers!

S.N.O.T Classroom Dangles – suggested by Simon M. Not as disgusting as they sound! These are intended to guide children on what to do when they are stuck…Self, Neighbour, Others, Teacher.

Cloak Room Classroom Dangles – suggested by Louisa C. Perfect for getting children organised in the morning when they arrive and before they head home, just hang up in the cloak room.

How to Please my Teacher Classroom Dangles – suggested by Janet Pocknall. Simple reminders of how to present your work, in order to please the class teacher.

Photo Frame Classroom Dangles – suggested by Jessica M. Lots of funky shape and sized frames for photos.

Although this wasn’t one of the winners, Corrie F suggested positive words classroom dangles, which I personally LOVE! As a way to encourage those with poor self-esteem (so I will definitely be making these, along with dozens more!).

We already have Key Stage One Writing Target Dangles online so come and download them for FREE now…DOWNLOAD HERE!

Author: Christina

My name's Christina and I work over at Teacher's Pet. I'm the gal responsible for creating all the resources, answering emails and taking care of our social network pages. I'm a fully qualified teacher (taught mostly in lower KS2 but secretly 'Reception is my favourite'). Also spent a lot of time working with children and young adults with disabilities with a passion for working with those with ASD.

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