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Film Education - The Muppets are back!

Film Education – The Muppets are back!

Just in case you hadn’t heard…the Muppets are back!

Cute, cuddly and a bit bonkers – whether you’re a lover or a hater I think we can safely say that the kids are all over this one so we might as well drum in that ‘media management’ concept again.
You can either ignore it and wait for it to go away and another film replace it or use it to teach some fun and exciting lessons.

Only…this time you don’t even need to supply your own creativity…Film Education have done the gap filling for you.

Film Education are a charity supported by the UK film industry. They promote and support the use of films within the curriculum.
You can find videos, teacher’s notes and lessons plans for a spot of ‘Muppet teaching’ right here

At first I thought..hmmm…teaching the muppets through the curriculum, sounds like clutching at straws to me but actually, their ideas linked to music and the emotions/effects they portray is actually really clever. There are also links to: character development, narrative conventions and of course drama.
You can download the lesson plans directly from the page and there are Muppet Sticky thinking cards for a bit of ‘role on the wall’ drama type activities that can be found here

One element that I can’t believe they haven’t touched on is puppet making! Jim Henson as we know, created some amazing puppets over the past 30 years so why not use this opportunity to set your class up for a phonomonom (do you like what I did there?) D&T project based around puppet making?

Other Primary and Secondary story resources include: Narnia, Warhorse, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, How to Train your Dragon and loads more – they can all be found in the resources section.

There’s quite a wealth of information in there so it’s worth having a good browse.

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