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My September Classroom - Part 3

My September Classroom – Part 3

With the aim of making setting up your September classroom a whole lot easier, I started sharing a 4 part blog post last month, linking to lots of lovely free resources you can use. Click here to read parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 and Part 2 focussed mainly on classroom organisation and the general environment.
Part 3 will focus on those ‘must have’ displays
Part 4 will focus on the all important monitoring, assessment and targets.

Below, you’ll find links to 10 must have displays for your classroom, I hope they help!

1. Still one of our most popular search terms to date, our VCOP resources always go down a storm and we have a few to choose from. If you’re struggling for space, why not download our VCOP pyramids.
If you’re lucky enough to have a bit more display room, take advantage of our VCOP flowers, or our Volcanic Vocabulary, Connective Caterpillars, Sentence starter spiders and Punctuation plant.

2. Sticking with a literacy theme, a new tpet display resource that has gone down a storm, is our Punctuation characters. Why not build on this display by getting the children to name each character and even give them some speech bubbles?

3. Tired of seeing the same words used over and over in your children’s writing? Then download our criminal words display resources. The criminal words banner is great for reminding children about certain words to avoid using repeatedly in their writing or our synonym sheets could be hung from the ceiling or a washing line.
Add blue tac or velcro to our swag bag coins and you’ve got yourself an interactive display, where children can take words back to their table and use in their writing.

4. Moving onto maths a little bit, help yourself to our 2-D and 3-D shape characters – perfect for displays both big and small. Again, get the children actively involved in the creation of the display by naming each character. They could then write the features of each shape inside a speech bubble.
Or, why not add blue tac or velcro to the characters and speech bubbles and play ‘Who am I?’ turning it into an interactive display.
Calculation characters and number monsters are also available to download.

5. The names Bond, Number Bond – who doesn’t love bringing a bit of real life or films into a display? Create yourself an interactive number bond display with these free resources.

6. Leaving behind subjects, let’s talk behaviour – our range of ‘Going for Gold‘ resources can help you to set up an incentive and positive reward and consequence display. We have everything from charts and certificates to medals and banners to help you.

7. Another popular display pack this year has been our ‘Story Writing is Magical‘ display. An interactive display to help children create their own stories. This display focusses on the key questions ‘Who? What? Where? and When?’

8. Looking to challenge your children this year? Why not set up a Challenge Area using our resources? We have challenge posters for Maths, Literacy and Science. Don’t forget about our challenge cards too, over at our activities website.

9. Start the new school year off with lots of positive encouragement, using our ‘When you Enter this Classroom‘ display. Whether you’ve a door, window, wall or corridor – this resource can be whatever you want it to be.

10. Especially for those in early years or KS1, the new school year can be an overwhelming time. Display our Feelings/All About Me resources to help them to share how they are feeling each morning and afternoon. We also have a lovely range of feelings activities designed to encourage children to share how they are feeling and to think about how their actions affect others.

I hope you will find something useful for your classroom. As always, if you have a suggestion for a resource…just get in touch.

Make sure you join us next week for the last instalment of this blog – talking all about assessment resources.

Author: Christina

My name's Christina and I work over at Teacher's Pet. I'm the gal responsible for creating all the resources, answering emails and taking care of our social network pages. I'm a fully qualified teacher (taught mostly in lower KS2 but secretly 'Reception is my favourite'). Also spent a lot of time working with children and young adults with disabilities with a passion for working with those with ASD.

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  1. I am having difficulty opening any of the downloadable links. I just get a blank page with a facebook “like” tab. Is there something I can do to fix this. I have no problem opening your blog pages

    • Hi Rawwyn

      You need to update your flash player. You will not be having any difficulty with our blog because it is not built in flash. Our resources websites however, are built in flash.

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