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Remembrance Day Activities

Remembrance Day Activities

Hi everyone!

Remembrance day is fast approaching, so I thought I would put together a quick blog post about activities that have been suggested to me via out lovely Facebook page community and ones I’ve found on the web.

1. Poppy Plates

This one is perfect for KS1 and Early Years. Simple but very effective, especially when put on display http://dltk-holidays.com/remembrance/mplatepoppy.htm

2. Mixed Media Poppy

Perfect for KS2 Although this piece of artwork looks simple, it has actually been creating using several different types of media, including: bubble wrap, weaving and cling film. http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2010/11/poppy-mixed-media.html

3. Van Gogh’s Poppies

Van Gogh inspired Remembrance day paintings http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2011/11/in-style-of-van-gogh-remembrance-day.html

4. Felt Poppy Badges

This project includes a bit of simple sewing http://tallystreasury.com/2010/11/felt-poppies-for-remembrance-day/

5. Painting to Poetry

What about reading this poem to your class and then allowing them to create a painting or piece of artwork, to reflect the words or their feelings about the poem?

6. Remembrance Day Poems

Why not display them beautifully using our free writing frames http://displays.tpet.co.uk/#/ViewResource/id449

7. Watercolour Sunset

This is something I created (in a rush) using ICT but it could also be done using watercolours.

Children could cut out silhouettes of soldiers instead of crossed and write their own poems over the top.

8. The Royal British Legion

Thanks for the tip Vanessa B. The British Legion have a great resource pack (more suited to KS2). http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/media/2118167/learningpack2012.pdf

9. Fingerprint Poppy Wreath

Great idea Vikki S. Perfect for EYFS/KS1 http://www.dltk-holidays.com/remembrance/mfingerprint.htm

10. Hand Print Poppy Wreath

Another idea I’ve just put together. This could be created in 2 ways:

1. Draw a large circle onto a sheet of art paper, then allow the child to repeat their painted hand print (following the pencil marked circle).

2. Allow the child or group of children to make handprints onto paper, then cut each handprint out and assemble into a wreath shape.

11. Pointillism Poppy or Bottle Top Art Poppy

Thanks for the idea Magali T. Using either small dots or different sized dots. Or why not paint and put together bottle tops?

12. Poppy Paper Chain


13. Coffee Filter Poppies


14. Mixed Poppy Making Ideas

A great website that has links to lots of different craft pages for poppy making…


15. Poppy Cookies


What about using them to fundraise for the British Legion? http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/support-us/

Author: Christina

My name's Christina and I work over at Teacher's Pet. I'm the gal responsible for creating all the resources, answering emails and taking care of our social network pages. I'm a fully qualified teacher (taught mostly in lower KS2 but secretly 'Reception is my favourite'). Also spent a lot of time working with children and young adults with disabilities with a passion for working with those with ASD.

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  1. I love your website. Your activities are wonderful.

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  3. Some fab ideas – thank you.

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