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Super Science Sunday's Resources (W/C 20/2/12)

Super Science Sunday’s Resources (W/C 20/2/12)

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to get involved in Super Science Sunday last week. I was amazed at the amount of interest we had. It seems there’s a distinct lack of useful science material out there (both displays and activities) so I’m happy to do what I can to improve the situation.

Just a couple of notes:

Unfortunately, there were a lot of requests that I wasn’t able to use simple because there was no detail given in the request. This extract is taken from last weeks post and clarifies what I’m looking for when reading requests…

To make life as easy as possible for me… Please only 1 suggestion per person, that way it’s fair for everyone and make sure your idea/suggestion gives as much detail as possible.


“friction stuff” or “anything for skeletons would be great” – will not be accepted.


“posters that explain about friction” or “a large skeleton display with bone labels” – simple but clear explanations that tell me what you need.

Resource Round-up
This is a list of the 10 Science suggestions that made it through and links to where you can find each resource:

Simple Circuit flashcards
Sound and hearing posters
Explorer Challenge Cards for EYFS
Large Skeleton display
Skeleton Labels
Science Forces Banner
KS1 Science Investigation Cards
KS2 Science Investigation Cards
Micro Organism Posters – Still to upload
Solid, liquid and gas matching cards – Still to upload
Wind powers and gases posters – Still to upload
Archaeologist Discovery Cards – Still to upload

Make sure you join us tonight @7pm for this week’s Super Science Sunday – I can’t wait to see what brilliant ideas you have for me this week.

If you’d like to know more about how to get involved then check out my blog post that tells you all about it CLICK HERE

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