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Wear what you choose for taps and loos!

Wear what you choose for taps and loos!


I had an email yesterday about WaterAid’s new ‘wear what you choose for taps and loos’ school fundraising project and thought I’d share briefly about the resources on the site and how you and your school can get involved.

In a nut shell, the idea is that your school can build up to a non-school uniform day fundraiser. The money raised will help to provide toilets and clean water for some of the worlds poorest children.


They really have thought of everything for this topic! I spent about an hour browsing through the site (including the UK, International & Splash Out WaterAid sites – all created with children & teachers in mind) and I’d only just begun to scratch the surface of the resources.

It’s not just links to useless resources either. All the videos, posters, games and information I looked at were purposeful, age appropriate, colourful & you could clearly see that a great amount of thought and effort had gone into them.

My favourite resource was their ‘pick a loo‘ posters – really interesting to see the actual design of the toilets and water pumps. It’s all well and good explaining to the children that they are raising money for ‘taps and loos’ but if they are expecting a bathroom designed by ‘Dolphin’ or one bought from the local B&Q then we are hardly educating them.

With the ‘pic a loo’ posters the children can look at the technology behind the designs and see in detail how the money they raise is going to be spent.

Ever asked your class what they think happens to their poo? Well Adam Hart-Davis does and he explains what happens in Bangladesh – a country that is only just beginning to understand the importance of sanitation, clean water and hygiene.

Check out this video (be warned, if the word poo makes you blush then this video is not for you but I guarantee the kids will love it).

Splish Splash Flush

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