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Classroom Displays iPad App - Now Available!

Classroom Displays iPad App – Now Available!

When we relaunched our websites back in August last year we chose to once again use ‘Adobe Flash’ in order to deploy our sites, the only problem with that was that users wishing to browse our resources from a mobile device were forced to wait until they could get onto their computer… well, that ends today!

Introducing the first in a line of ‘companion’ apps built to let you browse our resources whilst on the go. Companion apps are much, much better than ‘mobile friendly’ websites because the apps are specifically built for each device and offer a much better experience!

The first of our companion apps is built specifically for the simply brilliant Apple iPad, and is completely FREE to download and use.

The app is absolutely PACKED with features, my favorite however is that whenever you click a link to our displays website from your iPad, the app will automatically be launched and you will arrive at the correct page in the app, this works for ALL links to our website, whether they be in an email, on twitter or on facebook!

The app looks fantastic and is enhanced with high resolution ‘Retina’ graphics and images throughout. The interface is designed to be recognisable for those familiar with our websites but is user friendly and accessible for new users too! It of course includes our powerful topic and resource search engines to make finding what you need super-simple.

Another cool feature is the built in download manager, this allows you to download resources whilst at on the go and then print them when you get chance! All our PDF resources can be opened in-app, meaning you can take a detailed look at the pdf. Once you have downloaded/previewed the PDF you can then open it in a variety of apps such as ‘iBooks’ & ‘Adobe Reader’ for printing/emailing and it will even allow you to open the PDF in ‘Evernote’ and ‘DropBox’ so that you can easily access the resource from your computers.

There are many many more cool features, but we will leave it to you to discover them for yourself!

The app is completely free and available to download NOW, all we ask in return is that you leave a rating and a review on the app to show others how handy having Teacher’s Pet on your side can be!

The app supports all generations of iPad and requires iOS 5.1 to work.

Here’s what the lovely Anthony Evans has to say about it… – http://antsict.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/teachers-pet-app-like-the-argos-catalogue-for-teachers/


Author: Jay

Hi! - My name is Jay and I am responsible for all of the website development for Teacher's Pet. In the coming weeks, months and hopefully years I will be posting with news from the Teacher's Pet HQ including giving you a sneak peek at upcoming projects and anything that's under development!

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  1. I love this app BUT… I cannot find an app which opens an editable download on here. It says its in itunes but i cannot for the life of me find it! Can you help? I use my iPad primarily for class planning

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