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Farm Animals, a Pirate and a Couple of Milestones

Farm Animals, a Pirate and a Couple of Milestones

It has been a very exciting and busy week in the Teacher’s Pet HQ. The blog has been a huge success and we have our awesome team of writers to thank for it. We are still however, looking for someone to take the Friday night slot, for more information check out yesterdays post by Christina by clicking the button below.

We also have three fantastic milestones approaching and it seems like we will reach them all in the next week! We have almost 3000 ‘likes’ on our facebook page, almost 400’000 downloads on our displays website (in just over a year!) and we have almost 2000 subscribed users to our activities website. It’s hard to believe that we have only been online for just over a year, we couldn’t wish for more!

Development Diary

This week I have been hard at work updating our tpet.co.uk landing page, with the addition of our blog and more websites planned we needed a better landing page that would allow us to easily add links to new websites without making the page look cluttered. We think the new page is much more attractive and practical!

I have finished the ‘animatch‘ game and started on a ‘trash or treasure’ game for our upcoming IWB and games website scheduled for launch this summer. Below is an image or our interactive character that will be guiding children through the trash or treasure game…

Development has taken a bit of a back seat this week though as I have been spending a lot of my time with the blog, creating images, moderating the comments and adding new functionality etc. Although it has been a rather quiet development week I have got a lot of projects planned for next week.

If you have a suggestion for an activity or game that I can develop for the upcoming IWB and games website then feel free to send your suggestions to info@tpet.co.uk

Author: Jay

Hi! - My name is Jay and I am responsible for all of the website development for Teacher's Pet. In the coming weeks, months and hopefully years I will be posting with news from the Teacher's Pet HQ including giving you a sneak peek at upcoming projects and anything that's under development!

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