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Happy Birthday Wilfred the Wolf!

Happy Birthday Wilfred the Wolf!

Update: The promotion has now ended, thankyou to EVERYONE who downloaded the app, all 984 of you! You helped the app get to number 14 in the FREE educational app chart in just 1 day!!!

Original Post:

It’s hard to believe that it has been an entire YEAR since we launched our very first iPad application – ‘What Time is it Mr. Wolf?’

To celebrate the first birthday of the app and of Wilfred our lovable wolf character who lives in the app we have made it completely FREE to download for today only!

In his first 12 month the app has…

  • Reached number 2 in the Educational App charts
  • Been downloaded well in excess of 10,000 times!
  • Received an overall rating of 5 stars!
  • WON a BestAppEver award for ‘Best Under 9 Kids Game’ – View Award
  • Achieved second place for the BestAppEver award for best educational app! – View Award

So if you haven’t already downloaded our app be sure to do so now!!!

Download for free: Click here

Play in your browser: Click here

What time is it Mr Wolf?

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