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iPad App Review: Bee Bot Pyramid

iPad App Review: Bee Bot Pyramid

Bee Bot is a fantastic tool to teach directional language, sequencing and problem solving to children, a bee shaped robot is programmed to navigate it’s way through a maze using simple ‘forwards’, ‘backwards’ and ‘turn’ commands. Bee Bot has now navigated its way to the app store in the form of two iPad apps!

Today I will be reviewing the more complex of the two apps “Bee Bot Pyramid” which combines the basic navigational puzzles with obstacles, locked doors, floor puzzles and scary mummies that will block your way! Aimed at players aged 7+ it’s perfect for KS2 numeracy lessons.

First Impressions

A well built and bug-free app that is very easy to get to grips with. If your class have used the traditional Bee Bots in lesson before then they will be able to jump straight in and start playing. The app is very nicely designed with smooth animations.


Children must use the directional buttons to build a set of sequential commands before pressing the ‘go’ button. As the player gets more confident they can begin to construct larger sequences and eventually being able to complete a level with one set of commands.

The game has 12 levels which gradually get more difficult and introduce locked doors, floor panels that must be hit in sequence and of course the mummies which will chase Bee Bot in an attempt to hinder its movement.

The game also features a scoreboard for each level which will rank the three fastest times along with the players name. (These scoreboards can be reset easily on the main menu.)


  • Bug free (apart from ‘bee’ bot of course!)
  • Children can use as few or as many commands as they are comfortable with to complete the levels.
  • Another great 69p app, at that price its well worth a go!
  • A competitive score table encourages players to try longer more complex sequences before hitting ‘go’
  • Most importantly, it’s fun to play! (I had to play until I completed every level with 3 stars!)


  • Although some of the sounds are fun and add depth to the gameplay, some of the sounds are just annoying and earned the game a ‘mute’ on my iPad after just a few minutes of gameplay.
  • A larger selection of levels covering more difficulties would make the app more accessible to players with lower abilities.


Bee Bot Pyramid” is a brilliant app and one that I will definitely use again just for fun, the game play is simple enough for beginners but I’m forever trying to beat my best times by hitting the buttons faster and finding faster routes to the ‘treasure’. “Bee Bot Pyramid” is easy to play and much easier to use in class than the traditional Bee Bots.

69p is a bargain for an app that is sure to entertain but most importantly educate! Click the button below and try it for yourself!

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