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iPad App Review: Grid Genie

iPad App Review: Grid Genie

Does your KS2 class struggle with long multiplication?

If so, Grid Guru from Primary Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch could help! Read on for my review!

What is Grid Guru?

Grid Guru uses the grid method of long multiplication that is taught in thousands of schools throughout the UK. It breaks the calculation down into manageable chunks for the user to complete bit by bit.

First Impressions

The game is themed in an Aladdin/Arabian Nights style with a genie overlooking the user as they answer the multiplications. The app is very colourful with large and easy to use controls and navigation elements. The app is also accompanied by a looped piece of Aladdin style music which I thought was a nice finishing touch, however the very short length of the loop means it soon became annoying. Luckily a large mute button in the lower left is in place to stop a class full of iPads driving a teacher to despair!


The game’s options are very flexible and allow the user to answer multiplication calculations based on the number of digits in each number. Ranging from easier ‘2 digits X 1 digit’ all the way up to ‘3 digits X 2 digits’. Users can even choose to input their own exact calculations which is great as it allows the user to challenge themselves with multiplications that they might be struggling with.


The app is very colourful and well designed.
A very easy to use interface makes the app user friendly and approachable.
The range of options mean that this app is suitable for a large range of abilities.


The background music quickly gets old and needs muting.

Although the feedback when you are correct is fantastic – with a themed animation to congratulate the user! I feel that little is done to actually help the user when they are stuck. If an answer or part of an answer is incorrect only a harsh gameshow style buzzing noise is heard. I’d like to see an option to assist the user in some way, or if they are really stuck a way of giving them a new calculation to attempt without them having to revisit the main menu.

Possible future update ideas

I’d love to see a challenge mode, where the pupil has to answer 10 questions as quickly and as accurately as they can and their fastest time is stored on a leaderboard. Currently the app allows a user to simply answer one calculation at a time with the option to ‘restart’ once they have answered correctly.


A well made, bug free and easy to use app with a clear purpose. It’s fun to play and accessible to a wide range of abilities. The app has a lot of scope for new features and I look forward to seeing more from the development team over at Primary Apps. Click the button below to download the app now for just £1.49!

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