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iPad App Review: Math Bingo

iPad App Review: Math Bingo

For the last couple of days I have been playing around with another ipad app from the education category, this one is called ‘Math Bingo‘ (and yes I agree, that should be maths not math!). ‘Math Bingo‘ is a very popular app and rightly so in my opinion, it uses a bingo theme to help with mental arithmetic. It features five different game modes and three game difficulties.

The object of ‘Math Bingo‘ is to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by quickly and correctly answering maths problems (that are presented at the top of the screen) using addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. Children are rewarded with ‘bingo bugs’ which can then be used to compete in an ‘angry birds’-esque minigame. The app also uses a leader-board system so that your class can compete for the high score!


  • Very well built with no visible bugs.
  • Great fun to play with engaging animations and colourful graphics.
  • Lots of incentives to encourage the children to try their hardest.
  • Leader-boards and the minigame help to create healthy competition.
  • Only 69p which is easily justified with the large replay value, children are encouraged to play often to acquire better scores and more ‘bingo bugs’.
  • Variety of game modes and difficulties meaning this app is suitable for a wide range of age groups and abilities.


  • Music cannot be muted other than muting the iPad entirely, the sound effects are great but the music quickly becomes annoying and repetitive.
  • The app crashed on me once and some small user interface errors were noticed.
  • A distinct lack of child friendly instructions, some detailed instructions ARE included, however they are aimed at the teachers.


A colourful, fun filled app that will have your children hooked within minutes! Although this app isn’t free, the price tag of 69p is well justified. The developers seem to actively listen to the comments on the app store and release regular fixes and updates for the app. Download ‘Math Bingo‘ now…

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  1. Have you seen Rory’s Story Cubes. Great for writing.

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