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Our First Education Show - Recap!

Our First Education Show – Recap!

As many of you know, we attended our first ever Education Show as exhibitors last week. Literally thousands of people poured into the stand to either say ‘hi’ or to find out about Teacher’s Pet for the first time! The stand was packed out for the full three days and we enjoyed every second of it!

The Fellowes stand which we were so kindly invited to share!

We attended the show with our new friends from Fellowes, they very kindly invited us along and we are very grateful! They also provided us with a few laminators and trimmers to use for the duration of the show, we had LOTS of people laminating some Teacher’s Pet display resources on the stand (completely free of course!).

Goody Packs!!!

We gave away 750 ‘goody packs’, they included printed Teacher’s Pet resources along with a pack of 10 free laminating pouches and a few other goodies too!

Just a few of the resources that we helped our visitors to laminate!

Some fun figures!

Our visitors laminated 2000 pages of Teacher’s Pet resources on the stand, if each laminated resource is 30.2cm in height, placed end to end they would be almost TWICE the height of the Eiffel Tower and would also be much higher than the Empire State Building!

All of this laminating was done on just 1 laminator, that didn’t jam, overheat or melt a single resource! We highly recommend that you demand that your school orders a Fellowes Voyager A3 laminator!!!

The EXTREMELY popular bunting!

A big hit of the show was our Alphabet Bunting that we used to brighten up the stand, we had people literally begging for us to let them pinch it, someone even offered to buy it! It was so popular that we began to spot similar bunting appearing at other stands too!

Download the bunting here, completely free! – http://displays.tpet.co.uk/#/Search/bunting

Below are a few more pictures that we took at the show:

Cap'n Jack dropped by to say hello to Jay...

...And a resource caught his eye, he had to have it!

One of the batches of printing that we did for the show!
(We did 3 batches like this!)

We were told that Thursday would be the 'quiet' day... it wasn't!

This was the stand just 5 minutes after opening on Saturday morning...
It stayed like this all day!

Still busy at 3:15 on Saturday!

We want to thank EVERYONE who visited us on the stand, the kind words and support that we received was overwhelming! If you didn’t make it to the show, make sure you get there next year!!!

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