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Struggling to see the new sites...?

Struggling to see the new sites…?

This is just a quick post to help anyone who might be having a little trouble accessing the new websites.

If you see only a blank screen and a facebook button in the top right then please try the following…

1: Be patient, during peak times we have thousands of visitors browsing the sites and this will put a strain on the server, give the sites at least 10 seconds to start loading before you start hitting the refresh button.

2: Clear your browsers cache/temporary files. This will force your browser to fully reload our site and will fix most issues.

3: Try to update your Adobe Flash Player, although we only require version 10 of Adobe’s flash player it may help to upgrade to the latest version for your browser.

4: If the above steps do not work then there may be an issue your browsers installation, try using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox alternatively you can try to re-install or update your current browser.

Rest assured that the sites have been tested with all popular browsers and are working. If you are still having trouble with your computer accessing the sites then get in touch and we will try to help.

Author: Jay

Hi! - My name is Jay and I am responsible for all of the website development for Teacher's Pet. In the coming weeks, months and hopefully years I will be posting with news from the Teacher's Pet HQ including giving you a sneak peek at upcoming projects and anything that's under development!

2 Comments to “Struggling to see the new sites…?”
  1. Katherine Jamieson says:

    Thanks Jay, these instructions worked perfectly. πŸ™‚

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