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Giving yourself a makeover

Giving yourself a makeover

Do you ever find that your Twitter profile picture needs an update? Sometimes people have the same picture for ever…here’s a way of changing it to something more exciting.

You need the Avatar Comparison Tool: http://primaryschoolict.com/avatars/

Ok, ok, so you don’t use Twitter or don’t want to change your picture, so what’s the point in this post? Online characters or avatars are a great tool to use in the classroom. This could be a way of creating a character to take part in a story or to create a weird and wonderful animal and describe the types of habitat it lives in or food it eats.  

You could also use one of the creators to make a new superhero. What adventures would they have and how would they use their powers to save the day?

When it comes to saving them, some sites will let you save the image or email it to yourself. Others don’t. If this is the case, you can always print screen or use a tool such as the ‘Snipping’ tool in Windows 7 to ‘cut-out’ the newly designed avatar.

So what will you end up as? Will you build your wild self? Or make yourself out of Lego?

Why not post links to your avatars in the comments below?

Author: Ian Addison

I am an ICT coordinator at St John the Baptist Primary School in Waltham Chase, Hampshire. I have been here since September and since starting I have overseen the implementation of Google Apps and whole school blogs among other things. Before starting at St John’s I spent two years working for Hampshire LA as a VLE consultant. In 2010 I attended the Google Teacher Academy in London.

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  1. Absolutely love the superhero one!

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