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Interesting Ways to Inspire

Interesting Ways to Inspire

This week’s post isn’t one idea, it isn’t even 10. It’s more like a few hundred. So I apologise, a bit. The ideas this week have been crowd sourced by Tom Barrett and others. Crowd-sourcing is a way of getting a crowd (that’s anyone really) to give their input into a project.

These ideas are all collated into a Google Presentation which means that they can be shared with other people and can have numerous editors and contributors at once. They can all be found on Tom’s blog here: http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/ or if you want them in a slightly different looking format, then try Mark Warner’s: http://ideastoinspire.co.uk/

What I love is that some of these ideas are so simple, yet brilliant, that they can easily be shared with any teacher. For example, there are interesting ways to use Prezi, Google Maps, Nintendo DSs, Ipods and online noticboards (wallwisher). But just as useful are the interesting ways of using tech within english, reading or maths. There’s something for everyone and I have got loads of ideas from these pages.

So why not share some of the ideas with your staff and see what they come up with. Of course, you are more than welcome to add your own ideas to these presentations too!

Author: Ian Addison

I am an ICT coordinator at St John the Baptist Primary School in Waltham Chase, Hampshire. I have been here since September and since starting I have overseen the implementation of Google Apps and whole school blogs among other things. Before starting at St John’s I spent two years working for Hampshire LA as a VLE consultant. In 2010 I attended the Google Teacher Academy in London.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Ideas to Inspire, Ian. At the last count, there were over 1,500 ideas on the site… all of which are free to use!

    One of my targets over the summer is to give the site a makeover, as it’s grown too big for the current layout.

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