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Photographs with a difference

Photographs with a difference

For the post this week I thought I’d share some useful photo tools that you might want to play with and try either yourself or with your children. In school we take 1,000s of photographs but what do you do with them? These tools might help to bring a bit of life into your images…These are all free too.


This service is VERY simple. Step 1) Upload photos. Step 2) Choose some music. Step 3) Click Go. Easy. This then creates a photo slideshow to music that you can embed within your blog or VLE. The outcomes from this look amazing and they can also be downloaded to put on a DVD etc if you wanted. Here’s an example from our outdoor blog and from our visit from Santa. To get an education account, visit www.animoto.com/education, this gives you more options and allows you to make longer videos.


Very similar to Animoto, but less “whizzy”. It doesn’t take as long to create a slideshow though. It follows the same simple 3 step principle that Animoto does and can create some lovely slideshows that you can embed on your blog or VLE. Here are some examples from our outdoor blog and of our Caribbean Carnival!


This is a tool that I’ve only just started using. You need to use a Windows Live login and you can either use a hotmail account or link your existing email address. You download the software onto your computer and upload your photos. Now, this software does two main jobs. One is panorama and the other is a 360 Synth.When you take the pictures for this, you need to make sure that they overlap a little with the previous one. Then the software combines the images to give you either a large photo montage or a 360degree tour. We’re going to use this on our school website to give visitors a tour of the school. An example from our Year 4 camp is here.

There are so many fun/silly/bonkers websites that let you do different things with images. Things like Tiltshiftmaker let you create a “model village” style picture or Tuxpi which gives you the ability to add different effects like fade, blur or distortion. Then there’s the Hockneyizer which takes an image and splits it into different polaroid pictures like the one below.

There are so many different things that you can do with photos and images, so why not have a play. For more ideas, why not visit Interesting Ways to use a digital image

Author: Ian Addison

I am an ICT coordinator at St John the Baptist Primary School in Waltham Chase, Hampshire. I have been here since September and since starting I have overseen the implementation of Google Apps and whole school blogs among other things. Before starting at St John’s I spent two years working for Hampshire LA as a VLE consultant. In 2010 I attended the Google Teacher Academy in London.

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  1. Your blogs are brilliant – can’t wait to go back to school in September & share them,

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