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10 More Resources for Go Green Week

10 More Resources for Go Green Week

Go Green Week takes place from 11th to 17th February 2013. The event aims to raise awareness of climate change and helps students to launch practical solutions for a low-carbon future. I posted 10 Resources for Go Green Week last year, so here are 10 more great resources that you could use too:

1) Waste Warriors is a lovely site with child-friendly information about waste and recycling in different areas of the community.

2) A number of resources about the effects of waste on the environment are available on this site.

3) Primary Treasure Chest have a number of printable sheets that can be used in lessons about recycling.

4) Sing Up have a number of musical resources linked to this topic.

5) I’ve recently created a number of ‘Inspirations’ posters linked to recycling and the environment and posted these on Teaching Ideas.

6) Climate Cops have lost of environment-themed games and activities for children to explore.

7) Recycle Zone is a site for teachers and children that aims to share what’s what in the world of waste. The site includes games, online activities, information, lesson and activity ideas and more!

8 ) Recycle City is a great game in which you have to encourage Dumptown’s citizens and businesses to recycle and reduce waste.

9) The Eco Schools site has lots of free resources to help children to learn about sustainable living.

10) Teacher’s Pet have some wonderful posters about renewable energy. Use them for research, guided reading or for display in your classroom!

What are your favourite environment / recycling resources?

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