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10 Resources for Diamond Jubilee Lessons!

10 Resources for Diamond Jubilee Lessons!

The Central Weekend to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee takes place from Saturday 2 June to Tuesday 5 June 2012, with celebratory activities throughout the UK and across the Commonwealth. If you’re planning to use the event as part of your lessons, why not try some of these fantastic resources?

1) The official site of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a great resource,  sharing information about the Queen’s life and the Commonwealth. There are also games and learning activities, as well as a form for members of the public to send a message to the Queen.

2) The Royal Youtube channel has lots of videos that could be used in lessons to teach children about the Royal Family.

3) The fantastic TPet site has some wonderful resources including posters, word mats and banners.

4) Instant Display also have a number of printable resources. Some of these are free but others are available for a small fee.

5) Purple Mash also have lots of great interactive Jubilee templates. Children can also turn themselves into a member of the Royal family with their Mash Cam!

6) The Jubilee Time Capsule project encourages individuals, groups and schools to share their memories from the past 60 years. You can use photos, videos, words, songs, poems and other methods to share your story.

7) The Woodland Trust is encouraging millions of people across the UK to come together to plant 6 million trees as part of their Jubilee Woods project celebrating this historic event. They also have lots of useful resources on their site.

8 ) There are lots of printable resources on Activity Village, including colouring pages, printables and craft activities.

9) MyChalkFace also have lots of great resources available for free or for a small charge.

10) Netmums have a list of Jubilee activity ideas for families to try, but lots of these could also be used successfully in school.

How will you be celebrating this event in your school?

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