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10 Resources for Mother's Day Activities

10 Resources for Mother’s Day Activities

Next Sunday 18th March is Mother’s Day here in the UK, so I’ve found a selection of great resources that could be used this week if you’re planning some lessons linked to the day.

1) There are lots of card templates, craft ideas and printables at Enchanted Learning’s great site.

2) Youtube have a number of Mothers Day songs that you could sing in the classroom. Here is one of them:

3) Mrs. Pancake have a poster of description words that can be used to make a word-based card for mums. They also have an idea for a fun craft project to try.

4) Teacher’s Pet have lots of great activities that can be used in the classroom.

5) Danielle’s Place is an amazing site that shares a wide range of craft and activity ideas for Mother’s Day.

6) The Trendy Tree House has a wonderful (and very simple) idea for making a Mother’s Day bouquet using children’s hand prints.

7) This video gives some instructions to teach you how to make your own special Mother’s Day boxes:

8 ) DLTK also have a wide selection of resources, including cards, colouring pages, posters, crafts, games, poems and recipes!

9) My Chalkface also have a large number of Mother’s Day resources which are available for a (very) small fee.

10) A search for ‘Mother’s Day’ on Pinterest also brings up lots of wonderful art and craft ideas that could be tried in the classroom.

What will you be doing to celebrate Mother’s Day in your classroom?

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