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10 Resources for National Storytelling Week

10 Resources for National Storytelling Week

It’s National Storytelling Week this week (26th January to 2nd February), so here are 10 great resources that can be used if you’re planning to mark the event in your classrooms!

1) Teaching Videos has a large collection of videos showing people (including authors and celebrities) telling stories, as well as animated versions of popular stories.

2) The Society for Storytelling has a number of resources to use as part of National Storytelling Week. The beginner’s guide to telling stories looks particularly useful. Could you use the advice when you are telling stories… or ask children to make a more child-friendly version of it to encourage young people to tell stories?

3) The Story Museum has a huge collection of stories for different ages and covering different themes. Some of them are retold through videos and audio recordings and many have accompanying resources for teachers.

4) The Teaching Ideas Library has free lesson ideas and downloadable resources linked to popular children’s books.

5) Teach Primary has 10 great storytelling tips for primary teachers.

6) Signed Stories have lots of wonderful videos of popular children’s stories being retold and signed. There is also now an iOS app.

7) Rory’s Story Cubes are a wonderful resource to encourage storytelling in your classroom. Get yourself a set and find lots of related teaching ideas here. You can also download the Story Cubes app!

8 ) A search for ‘stories’ on Teacher’s Pet gives a large collection of display material and activity resources that could be used this week and at any other time of the year.

9) A search for Jackanory on Youtube provides lots of videos from the popular children’s storytelling program.

10) Teachers Media has a useful video that encourages teachers to use storytelling as part of their RE lessons.

What are your favourite storytelling resources?

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