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10 Resources for No Pens Wednesday

10 Resources for No Pens Wednesday

No Pens Wednesday encourages schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities. It takes place this year on Wednesday 10th October 10th and it is organised by The Communication Trust. Here are 10 resources that can be used as part of your day:

1) The Communication Trust have created a special resource pack that can be downloaded here. You can also find other resources for schools on their site.

2) This article on the Guardian Teacher Network explains how a school has taken part in the event in the past. There are also links to downloadable resources.

3) There are lots of speaking and listening activities in this section of Teaching Ideas.

4) Early Learning HQ have a number of ideas and resources for role play activities to use in early years and primary classrooms.

5) TeachIt have a large collection of ideas and resources for speaking and listening to try with older students.

6) This video shows a number of creative speaking and listening activities for different primary age groups.

7) A search for role play resources on Teacher’s Pet shows over 600 useful resources to download!

8 ) Could you turn the day into a movie-making event? Teaching Ideas also has a popular Lights, Camera, Action! theme featuring lots of movie-making ideas and resources.

9) Cueprompter is a free online autocue teleprompter. Children can type a script and the text will scroll up slowly when they are presenting / recording.

10) BBC Bitesize has information for GCSE students about different skills relating to Speaking and Listening. Many of these ideas could also be shared with younger pupils at an appropriate level.

Will you be taking part in No Pens Wednesday this year?

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