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10 Resources for Olympics Lessons!

10 Resources for Olympics Lessons!

The 2012 Olympics are taking place from the 27th July to 12 August this year and lots of schools are planning Olympics-themed lessons next term. So, I’ve listed a number of resources that can be used below:

1) The official Olympic and London 2012 sites have lots of information, statistics and resources that schools can use. The London 2012 site also has a special ‘Get Set’ collection of resources that form part of the official education programme.

2) Simon Haughton has started a great collaborative document that lists ideas and resources for using the Olympics in different subject areas.

3) TPet have created lots of Olympics resources, including certificates, banners, countdown boards and posters about the Ancient Olympics.

4) The fantastic Porchester Junior School have created a special playlist of Youtube videos that show the history of the Games.

5) Ch-arted are offering free Olympics cartoons, activities and fact files that can be downloaded once you register on their site (for free).

6) Our Teaching Ideas site has over 100 free lesson ideas, teaching resources, display banners and posters, jokes, games and links that can be used in your Olympics lessons.

7) The wonderful Project Britain site has a fantastic child-friendly guide to the London 2012 Olympics.

8 ) MyChalkFace also have lots of free Olympics resources, as well as a few that are available for a very small fee.

9) Primary Treasure Chest also have lots of Olympics resources that are free to download.

10) The BBC have a number of Olympics resources, including a live video feed of the Olympic Torch Relay, the Olympics 2012 Sports pages, a free 2012 Assemblies Teacher’s Pack and a selection of Maths video challenges for all ages that are inspired by Olympics sports.

If you discover any great Olympics resources, post a link here in the comments and I’ll add them to a future post! Thanks.

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