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10 Resources for St. David’s Day

10 Resources for St. David’s Day

It’s St. David’s Day next Friday (1st March), so here are 10 great resources and sites that you can use as the starting point for learning about the St. David and Wales…

1) Project Britain has a page with lots of child-friendly information about St. David’s Day.

2) This BBC page also has lots of information about St. David. Can your pupils use it as a reference tool?

3) There are a number of ideas and related videos available on Teaching Ideas.

4) The Assemblies website have a special assembly to use on St. David’s Day.

5) Activity Village have lots of printable resources and craft ideas linked to the topic.


6) This fantastic site has lots of interactive resources to teach children about St. David.

7) This lovely Youtube video gives information about St. David:

8 ) DLTK Kids have a number of ideas and resources linked to Wales and St. David.

9) Scholastic have a poem about St. David’s Day that can be used in KS2 classes.

10) This CBeebies video tells the life story of St. David, acted out by children.

Will you be celebrating St. David’s Day in your classroom?

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