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10 Resources for Talk Like a Pirate Day

10 Resources for Talk Like a Pirate Day

It’s the 10th International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Wednesday 19th September 2012, so here are 10 great resources to help you celebrate the day in the classroom:

1) The official site has lots of background information about the day, as well as fun and games to explore.

2) A huge collection of ideas, resources, printable activities, videos, photos, jokes and more are all available in the ‘Pirates’ theme on Teaching Ideas.

3) This Pirate dictionary is a great way of learning pirate vocabulary to use on the day.

4) This animated / singing story about a pirate adventure is really amusing!

5) Teachers’ Pet have a large collection of top quality pirate resources, including labels, banners, cards and a word mat.

6) There are lots of films and animations about pirates. Could you watch one of them (or a clip) and write a review… or maybe plan and film your own?

7) Communication4All have a number of great pirate-themed resources.

8 ) The Pirates Realm has a list of pirate games that can be played independently on the computer or with the class on an interactive whiteboard.

9) Mrs Pancake also has a number of great resources linked to Pirates and the sea, including a Pirate Fancy Dress printable!

10) Teaching Videos has a set of pirate videos that can be used in your classroom too. Find them here.

How will you be celebrating the day?

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