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10 Resources for the End of the Year

10 Resources for the End of the Year

The end of the academic year is approaching for lots of schools, so I’ve found a selection of resources that teachers can use at this busy time!

1) ABCTeach have a large selection of free printable activity sheets that children can use at the end of the school year. There are also a number of additional resources to try if you are a member of the site.

2) Lots of teachers have contributed their ‘End of the Year’ activity suggestions to this page on Teaching Ideas. There are also a number of relevant assembly ideas to use here.

3) Super Teacher Worksheets also has a number of ideas that teachers have tried at this time of year.

4) Oddizzi have contributed some great activity ‘Summer Adventure’ resources that can support children’s geographical knowledge and research skills. Download the resources for Key Stage One (ages 5-7) and Key Stage Two (ages 7-11).

5) MyChalkFace have lots of free resources to use at the end of term.

6) This page on The Teachers Corner has lots of activity ideas for teachers to try.

7) Teacher’s Pet have some great ‘fun’ certificates that you can give to your pupils. Could they make and award their own special certificates to others in the class?


8 ) Shambles.net has a large selection of links to ‘end of term’ activities and resources.

9) The Freedom to Teach blog has a number of activity ideas. I particularly liked the ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ idea. Could your pupils plan different rounds for a quiz and then see who gets the most questions correct?

10) Vikki Blackwell’s site also has a comprehensive collection of links to suitable ideas and resources.

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