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10 Resources for the European Day of Languages

10 Resources for the European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages takes place on 26th September. It aims to celebrate more than 6000 languages that are spoken in the world, as well as the different cultures of those who speak them all. Here are 10 great resources to help schools get involved too:

1) The official site has lots of information and suggestions for how to get involved. These include 10 ways to celebrate, 10 games and challenges, and 10 downloads.

2) Teaching Ideas has a large MFL section with general ideas, as well as resources for French, German, Spanish, Greek and Lithuanian.

3) Languages Online has lots of interactive activities, covering a number of languages. A great resource!

4) The BBC’s Primary Languages site is a great source of videos, audio clips, songs and games to help children to learn French, Spanish or Mandarin. A site for secondary school pupils is also available.

5) Primary Resources also has a huge collection of resources for Modern Foreign Languages.

6) There are lots of languages videos on Youtube. The FrenchPod101 channel is a great example of some of the quality content that is available for free. Could your pupils make their own languages videos to help others learn some new vocabulary?

7) Newbury Park Primary School have lots of free online video clips showing children speaking a wide variety of languages. This would be a great resource to show on interactive whiteboards, or for children to use independently.

8 ) The MFL Sunderland site is a FANTASTIC resource for languages teachers. It has an enormous collection of ideas, lesson plans, resources and links which will keep you busy for hours!

9) The BBC’s Class Clips site also has lots of wonderful videos about different countries, languages and cultures.

10) The Teachers.TV videos are a really good resource for teachers who are looking for some ideas to help them teach languages. The Primary and Secondary videos are all available at SchoolsWorld.

Will you be getting involved in the European Day of Languages?

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