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10 Resources for the World Day of the Snowman

10 Resources for the World Day of the Snowman

World Day of the Snowman takes place on 18th January. With wintry weather predicted here in the UK for next week, it may be possible to build your own snowman on the day itself! If you’re planning some winter / snowman-themed activities, here are 10 great resources to try…

1) The popular animation, The Snowman, is available to watch online:

You could also watch the recent sequel, The Snowman and Snowdog. Could your children write a review of it, try the related app or make their own animation about a snowman?

2) The K-12 Teacher Resources wiki has links to a huge collection of snowman resources.

3) There are lots of free ‘Winter’ display and activity downloads on the Instant Display site.

4) There are a number of resources linked to snowmen available on Teaching Ideas, including printable posters, activity sheets and colouring pages.

5) Activity Village also has a large selection of printable resources, linked to snowmen.

6) There are lots of great teaching ideas and resources linked to Winter on the Geographical Association’s site.

7) Teacher’s Pet have lots of wonderful Winter resources, including labels, banners and word mats.

8 ) The Sing Up site has a free song called ‘Put your coat on‘ about getting all wrapped up warm for playing outside in winter time. There are also lots of related teaching ideas.

9) If it doesn’t snow on the day, try building your own snowman online, using this great resource from the Kent ICT team. Mrs. Pancake also has some colourful snowmen body parts that you can cut out and stick together!

10) If it does snow on the day, follow these instructions to make a fantastic snowman. Could your pupils write / record their own instructions?

Will you be trying any wintry activities this week?

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