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10 Resources for World Food Day

10 Resources for World Food Day

It’s World Food Day on Tuesday 16th October so here are 10 great resources that can be used to get involved in the day during your lessons:

1) The official site gives more information about the history of the day and about its aims. There is also a special page about a poster competition. Although entries for 2012 are now closed, you can browse a gallery of the entries. Could your pupils design a suitable poster to publicise the day?

2) Oxfam have a number of resources to help pupils to explore what food means for people around the world, the differences in what we grow and eat and the cultural significance of foods.


3) Global Dimension have reviewed lots of great educational resources and sites linked to the topic of ‘food’.

4) This video was used to promote World Food Day in 2011. Ask your pupils to watch it and explain what it shows. Could they make their own animation / video to promote the day to others?

5) Food: A Fact of Life has a large collection of resources and activities for pupils of all ages, linked to healthy eating, cooking, food and farming.

6) Save the Children have a quiz on their site that challenges children to think about food around the world. How many questions can you answer correctly?

7) The supermarket Asda has a site for teachers, offering information and resources about food safety, diet and nutrition, farm to fork and food technology.

8 ) Foodies for Schools offers a complete ‘farm to fork’ story for primary children. Lesson plans, resources, games and competitions are all available here.

9) The Keeping Healthy theme on Teaching Ideas has lots of resources linked to food and healthy eating.

10) There are also lots of food-themed videos on Teaching Videos.

What are you doing to take part in World Food Day this year?

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