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10 Resources for World Science Day

10 Resources for World Science Day

World Science Day takes place on 8th March 2012. Here are 10 great resources that you could use as part of activities on the day:

1) World Science Day site – Answer questions based on different Science topics and earn points for correct answers. Will you (or your class / school) reach the top of the leader boards?

2) BBC Bitesize – The BBC has a fantastic set of resources which cover lots of different Science concepts. There are games, activities, videos, lesson plans and worksheets to help you with your Science teaching and learning.

3) Simon Haughton’s wonderful Infant Encyclopedia covers lots of Science topics and is perfect for helping younger children to develop their understanding of Science independently.

4) Teaching Ideas – There are hundreds of free Science teaching ideas and resources on our sister site, including our popular ‘Science Inspiration‘ posters.

5) Other resource sites have a wide range of top quality Science resources too, including Teacher’s Pet, Twinkl and Primary Resources.

6) The Science section on Topic Box also lists lots of interactive tools that you can use to support Science work in your classroom. Just choose a topic and the resources are listed for you!

7) Selenia has created 10 wonderful Science Comics that help to develop learning about different Science topics. The site also has games and related resources for teachers.

8 ) Pinterest has a Science section which includes lots of incredible photos and videos.

9) Teaching Videos has hundreds of Science videos that you can watch in your classroom. Browse through the categories to find ones that you like!

10) Steve Spangler has a wonderful Youtube channel which shares his amazing Science experiments as well as simple tricks and investigations that you can try at home. Here’s an example:

Will you be taking part in World Science Day this year?

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