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10 Resources to Get Children Moving!

10 Resources to Get Children Moving!

Move It Week and National Childhood Obesity Week take place this week (from 2nd to 8th July), so I though that it might be useful to share some ideas and resources to encourage children to get moving! They could be used as part of your regular Physical Education lessons, or as sports activities for special events.

1) The MEND site has a set of six different activity packs that include games, sports and healthy food ideas from around the world. You can also take part in a competition to win some sporting equipment by telling MEND how you got involved in Move It Week.

2) BBC Class Clips has lots of great videos for Primary and Secondary PE. These could be used as an introduction to your own sporting activities. Could your pupils recreate one of the dances / sports skills demonstrated in the video. Could they plan and record their own instructional PE video?

3) Kids Exercise has lots of articles and activity ideas to encourage children of all ages to take part in exciting exercises!

4) The NHS’s Change for Life site has lots of activity ideas. I particularly liked The Fun Generator which gives information about lots of different physical activities that individuals and groups can take part in indoors and outdoors.

5) PE Primary is a wonderful source of lesson plans and video resources. Most of the content requires a subscription charge but they have a page of sample material which features a number of free plans and ideas.

6) Your School Games is an incredible resource that encourages young people to get involved in competitive sport. The ‘Sports’ pages offers detailed competition and challenge cards that are full of activity ideas for different primary and secondary sports.

7) Youtube has lots of instructional videos that you can use to get ideas for your own lessons, or as part of your PE activities that the children can follow. Here are a few that I found after a quick search:

8 ) The Physical Education pages on Teaching Ideas are full of warm-up and cool down suggestions, ideas for games and lots of other sports activities too. Primary Resources also has a special PE page with lots of ideas to try.

9) Playground Fun has instructions to help children how to learn new games to play on the playground. Could your children make up their own playground games and make a set of instructions to teach others in the class / school how to play it?

10) imovesdance has a number of free warm up ideas, dances and lesson plans. Demonstration videos are also provided that will teach your children how to take part. Free registration is required but it only takes a few seconds.

What are your favourite resources to get children moving?

Author: Mark Warner

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