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This Week's Discoveries (21/6/11)

This Week’s Discoveries (21/6/11)

Here are five new resources that I have found online this week…

1) Dear Photograph (shared by @zarino)

I love this idea… you get an old printed photo, hold it up in the location where it was taken and taken another photo of it. Could you try something like this in your classroom? At the start of the school year, take some photographs around your classroom / the school… print them out and keep them until the end of the year. Then, take new photos of the original photos in the same place and compare how they have changed.

2) Show Me App (recommended by Tom Sale)

This new iPad app lets you record video and audio presentations which can be played back on the device and posted online. This is a great tool for classes with iPads… but if you don’t have an iPad, you can still take advantage of the lessons that are posted online at the ShowMeApp site. Watch this video for an example:

3) Photo Manipulations (shared by @torresk)

This blog post has 50 amazing photo manipulations. While some of them might not be suitable for use with younger children, there are some incredible photos there, which could be used in many different areas of the curriculum… as a prompt for exploring descriptive language, as the starting point for creative writing, or to encourage children to make their own photo manipulations using paper-based or digital techniques. Here’s one example:

4) The Little Book of ICT Ideas

@TheTeacherBuzz has shared this great little book which shares lots of online tools and has ideas for using each of them in the classroom.

5) Pinterest

@kbkonnected shared this new service which lets you ‘catalog the things you love.’ It could be used as a way of storing ideas and images that you’ve discovered online and would like to use at a later date in your classroom… or you could use it to save things that are completely unrelated to your teaching!

What have you found online this week?

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