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This Week's Discoveries (28/6/11)

This Week’s Discoveries (28/6/11)

Here are five new resources that I’ve found this week:

1) Metropolis II video (shared by Alec Couros) – Here is an amazing video of a ‘kinetic sculpture’ which has thousands of cars racing around an enormous track:

Could you use this in the classroom to… estimate the number of cars on the track… calculate how many cars pass each point in a given period of time… identify the most common colours of cars… discuss how the machinery might work… explain how gravity makes the cars slide down the ramp… discuss which materials would be the best for the surface of the track… design and build your own track?!

2) School Clip Art (shared by Mrs Angell) – This site has lots of fun clip art that can be used free of charge for educational purposes. It looks very useful for adding illustrations to your lesson plans, resources or whiteboard slides.

If you need more clipart, don’t forget to follow Bev Evans’ blog where she is posting new clipart every day!

3) Map of Outdoor Learning Experiences (shared by Peter Richardson) – This fantastic map is a collaboration between teachers all around the UK. It is a place where they are sharing places where they have taken classes for educational visits for different areas of the curriculum. The map is now expanding into other countries too and you can add your own suggestions easily. Find out more on Peter’s blog.

4) Teach Parents Tech (shared by Tom Barrett) – This site is intended for people who want to provide technical support to their parents in a quick and easy way. However, it has lots of tutorials which could also be used in the classroom.

5) Storynory (suggested by On the Classroom Wall) – Storynory publish free audio stories (with accompanying text) every week. You can subscribe (for free) to receive the latest stories by email or using iTunes and other services, and then use them in your classroom. Use the buttons at the top of the the site to explore all of the available stories by different categories.

What have you discovered this week? Leave a comment to share something with others…

Author: Mark Warner

I'm a primary teacher with a keen interest in gadgets and technology. I also run a number of websites for teachers... find them all at www.teachingwebsites.co.uk and tweet me at http://twitter.com/markw29

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