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This Week's Discoveries (4/11/10)

This Week’s Discoveries (4/11/10)

Here are links to five great new resources that I’ve found online this week:

1) Classdojo (shared by Lara Savory) – Classdojo is a wonderful online behaviour management system. When you set up your class you can give points for positive behaviour (and remove them for negative behaviour). You can also track the children’s scores over time which could be useful for reporting to parents. It’s even possible to use a mobile device to add rewards to the system. Watch this video to find out more:

2) Pictograph Generator – The amazing John McClear has created a simple online pictograph generator. It’s easy to use and customise and is a great resource for Maths (data handling / problem solving) and ICT work. Watch this video to see how it works:

3) The Water Cycle – This great animation (shared on the great The Kids Should See This blog) shows how the water cycle works. It is very visual and could be used as part of Science work. Could your pupils write some narration for the video? I’ve added this video to Teaching Videos, so don’t forget to look there for more educational video resources.

4) Your Paintings – This is a wonderful resource from the BBC, sharing 77,000 paintings online. You can find paintings by artist or features and you can also look at items within paintings that have been tagged. There are some ideas for teachers on the site’s blog.

5) Young Science Investigators Project Kit (shared by Sophie Bessemer) – This free resource is focused on science at work in the real world and scientific enquiry skills, based around three topics: electricity, forces and materials. It has lots of hands on activities for the children to do in or out of the classroom, with some accompanying animations, teachers notes, worksheets and curriculum links.

Which of these is your favourite resource?

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