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This Week's Discoveries (5/7/11)

This Week’s Discoveries (5/7/11)

Here are five new resources that I’ve found online this week:

1) Class Pet Holidays – Lots of classes (including my own) have a ‘class pet’… a cuddly toy who the children look after. Sometimes the pet might go home with a pupil for a weekend / holiday and sometimes it might go off on travels far and wide, reporting back on its adventures, allowing the children to learn about the place that it travelled to. Class Pet Holidays is a place where schools can share details about holidays for their pets… either offering a place for another pet, or requesting one for their own. Lots of schools are coming towards the end of their academic year at the moment, but keep this site in mind when planning for next year. Where will your pet travel to?

2) Primary Classroom Stuff – Isn’t it great when people share their resources? This site is created by a teaching assistant working in a primary school and there are lots of great resources online to download. These include flashcards, banners, posters, handwriting resources, page borders, certificates, role play material and much more.

3) Succeeding with Science – I remember first seeing this resource a few years ago, but a tweet from @topmarksed reminded me that it was still online. It’s a great interactive ‘game’ which teaches children about different states of matter and changing materials. It’s going to be a great addition to my current Science topic for the rest of this term!

4) AC Clipart (shared by @sharnon007) – Here’s another fab clipart site, which says ‘you can download any artwork and clipart for free and use it for any purpose’. There is a huge range of pictures on the site, all of which are organised into different categories making it easy to browse through them.

5) 10 Most Fascinating Holes on Earth (shared by @datruss) – Here are ten amazing sets of photographs which show giant holes in the Earth. These could be a great resource for starting classroom discussion… What are the holes for? How were they made? I particularly like No 8 (Well Of Chand Baori) which was supposedly built by ghosts in one night!

What have you discovered recently?

Author: Mark Warner

I'm a primary teacher with a keen interest in gadgets and technology. I also run a number of websites for teachers... find them all at www.teachingwebsites.co.uk and tweet me at http://twitter.com/markw29

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  1. THANKYOU for great ideas and valuable aids. Very much appreciated! Helping an ‘old dog’ to brighten up her classroom.

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