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This Week's Teaching Discoveries (14/6/11)

This Week’s Teaching Discoveries (14/6/11)

Here are five of the best ideas and resources that I’ve discovered over the past seven days:

1) Web2Wonders – This site is a great place for finding online tools that can be used in the classroom. Recent posts have highlighted new avatar makers, audio editors and and multimedia activity generators. Shared by Steph Westwood.

2) 5 second films – This site offers a new movie every weekday… but the films are only five seconds long. Could you use any of the videos in your own classroom? Could your pupils make their own five second films? Here’s an example which could be used to discuss how technology has changed… (shared byGuido)

3) 10 Fab Flickr Groups for Teachers – Danny has written another great blog post on his Whiteboard Blog which gives links to different collections of images on Flickr. Each link has some suggestions showing how each set can be used in the classroom.

4) I Can Statements – Bev Evans has created lots of wonderful free resources on her ‘Communication4All‘ site, including these new sets of ‘I Can…’ statements for Science which children can use as personal targets.

5) Teachmeet – The Teachmeet format for professional development continues to be an amazing source of ideas and inspiration. Even if you can’t attend Teachmeet events in person, you can still take advantage of the wonderful content that is shared. Here is a fantastic video which shows Lara Savory sharing some engaging musical warm-ups which are perfect for teachers who aren’t necessarily confident at teaching music.

This post on Leon Cych’s blog has another inspirational Teachmeet video which I really enjoyed watching – highly recommended!

What have you discovered this week?

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