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This Week's Teaching Discoveries (31/5/11)

This Week’s Teaching Discoveries (31/5/11)

Here are five fantastic new resources that I’ve discovered this week:

1) Schoolswaps

Are you a teacher? Do want to receive some postcards from somewhere exciting for your class? If so, sign up to the first ever Great Big School swap! Thanks to @andytgeezer for sharing this on Twitter.

2) Life. Live it

The Red Cross have a fantastic child-friendly site which gives information and advice about first aid for 5 to 11 year olds. The site includes films, activities, quizzes and ‘how to’ videos. Thanks to Simon Haughton for recommending this.

3) 7 offline ideas in 7 minutes

Here’s an interesting video from Dave Stacey which gives seven ideas for activities that don’t involve the Internet. Watch the video embedded below and read more about this on Dave’s blog.

4) The World’s Biggest Treehouse

Crooked Brains is one of my favourite blogs as it shares lots of weird and wonderful photos. Here is a recent post on the site which shares images of an amazing treehouse. Could you use these pictures in the classroom… to develop descriptive writing… as a starting point for a spooky adventure… to encourage the children to build their own model treehouses… to look at structures and materials?

5) Ten Twitter Tips for Teachers

Do you use Twitter? The whiteboard blog has a fantastic post about how teachers can make the most of this amazing tool. Don’t forget to follow Danny Nicholson (the creator of the Whiteboard blog), Teaching Ideas (my Twitter Account) and Teachers Pet on Twitter!

What new resources have you found this week? Leave a comment to share them with others…

Author: Mark Warner

I'm a primary teacher with a keen interest in gadgets and technology. I also run a number of websites for teachers... find them all at www.teachingwebsites.co.uk and tweet me at http://twitter.com/markw29

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mark! Will your school be taking part? (And did you ever receive the postcard I sent you?)

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