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This Week's Teaching Discoveries

This Week’s Teaching Discoveries

Twitter, Facebook and RSS are great ways to discover new educational resources. Here are five new things that I’ve discovered using them this week:

1) Aurasma

This app works with smart phone and tablets to, in real time, turn static images or even objects into videos, games and interactive experiences. You just point your phone at something and you can then see additional content about it. David Mitchell, Dughall McCormick and Simon Widdowson have been exploring ideas for using this in the classroom this week. Watch the Youtube video below to see it in action:

2) Nasa Images

Bill Gibbon tweeted this link to the ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day‘, which has some amazing images that you could use in your classrooms.

Astronomy Pic of the Day

3) Wiki Races

Kristian Still mentioned this game which involves racing from one Wikipedia page to another unrelated one by clicking on links throughout the site. It could be played by groups of pupils at their own computers or as a whole class game with the students suggesting which links would be best to click on. Of course, the idea could also be played without a computer at all… can your pupils explain how to get from ‘Dinosaurs’ to ‘Cardboard’ by listing other related topics?

4) Great Plant Hunt

Simon Cobb mentioned a great new site which claims to be ‘the UK’s biggest school science project’. The site develops children’s understanding of the natural world and has a huge collection of linked resources for teachers.

Great Plant Hunt

5) Sites4Primary

This relatively new blog has a huge list of great (free) resources for primary teachers already. Visit it at www.sites4primary.com.


Have you discovered anything exciting this week?

Author: Mark Warner

I'm a primary teacher with a keen interest in gadgets and technology. I also run a number of websites for teachers... find them all at www.teachingwebsites.co.uk and tweet me at http://twitter.com/markw29

3 Comments to “This Week’s Teaching Discoveries”
  1. Wow, that’s incredible! is that video ‘staged’ or is it really that intelligent???

    Makes me want an iPhone again!

    • It’s definitely not staged. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but lots of teachers are very excited about the possibilities for using it in the classroom… it would be great for adding interactivity to areas of the school / classroom displays etc.

    • What a fantastic app, I like to think of myself as quite good at figuring out how things like this work, but this is WAY beyond me! Genius!

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