Fantastic Grammar Fact:

There are more than one antonym for some words. Antonyms for big/tall could be: short, small and tiny.

Video of the week: Antonyms


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Suggested Activity:

Share mini whiteboards amongst the children in the class.

Call out the word: ‘left’ and ask the children to write on their whiteboards the antonym for ‘left’ (which should be ‘right’)

Give the children 1 point for correct answers or 2 points for correct answer and correct spelling.

Children can record points on their own whiteboards using bullet points.

Repeat with words like ‘up’ ‘smooth’ ‘under’ ‘black’ ‘open’

Author: MrThorne

I am a 28 year old primary teacher working in North-west London. I previously worked as Lead Phonics teacher for Solihull LEA before presenting over 300 phonics videos on Youtube with over 2,500,000 hits from around the world, including appearances in the London Evening Standard, BBC Click & Radio, the Times and the TES. I now have my own free website and recently launched phonics apps for ipad and iphone on the app store.

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