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The Story of or by Mr Thorne

The Story of or by Mr Thorne

What is phonics?

Phonics is the blending of sounds to read words.

Which sounds do I teach first?

Use the Letters and Sounds document as a guide, but at the start of Reception, its suggested children begin learning s,a,t,p,i in one week!!

Fantastic Phonic Fact:

The ‘igh’ phoneme (sound) can be spelled with many different graphemes (letters) – ie in tie, y in cry, i-e in bike, i in idea.

Video of the week: The story of or


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Suggested Activity: A short story

Mr Thorne was sure that he saw four tall storks on the floor. His daughter Dawn and her friend Sean walked out through the porch and onto the lawn and poured warm water over the four storks on the lawn.

Can your class write an or story?

Author: MrThorne

I am a 28 year old primary teacher working in North-west London. I previously worked as Lead Phonics teacher for Solihull LEA before presenting over 300 phonics videos on Youtube with over 2,500,000 hits from around the world, including appearances in the London Evening Standard, BBC Click & Radio, the Times and the TES. I now have my own free website http://www.MrThorneDoesPhonics.com and recently launched phonics apps for ipad and iphone on the app store.

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