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Are you dedicating the time to look after your finances? It could be easier than you think!

Are you dedicating the time to look after your finances? It could be easier than you think!

Over the past month, we at Teachers Assurance have brought to you the findings of our recent research survey, which uncovered the severe role that stress is having on both the professional and personal lives of teachers.

Our research piece, which questioned over 700 teachers, found that for that for 82% of respondents there were four areas that formed the main contributors of stress. These four areas were workplace, financial, health and personal worries. Each of these worries was individually found to be contributing substantial levels of stress to teachers’ lives, which in turn meant negative repercussions such as arguing more with partners and friends (40%), falling ill more frequently (24%) and even feeling less able to perform a teaching role (42%).

Tackling financial stress

As one of the main contributory factors of stress in teachers’ lives, financial worries were found to be causing moderate or severe levels of stress in 50% of those surveyed. Despite this, what was surprising was that while the majority of teachers suffered from some form of financial stress, a substantial 28% were doing nothing to resolve this burden. Of those who were not taking action, the majority (51%) were not acting as they simply did not know how.

At Teachers Assurance, we are here to provide the resources and information that teachers like you need in order to make confident decisions about your financial future. Tackling financial worries could be a lot simpler than you think, and by spending just two hours per month you could completely revamp your financial planning.

Jayne Morris, a professional health and wellbeing expert and resident NHS life coach, has told us that she believes teachers can indeed reduce overall stress through financial planning. “With regards to finances a great deal of teachers’ stress could be alleviated if they had access to financial education and were given guidance with budgeting, savings pensions and protection plans like sickness cover.”

Our Financial Education Programme includes Money Talks delivered in schools, a comprehensive seminar programme across Britain, and a suite of six, free to use online financial calculator tools. These tools are designed to help with all areas from day to day budgeting through to planning for the benefits that you will receive from the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

If you’d like more information about Teachers Assurance, please visit www.teachersassurance.co.uk or call on 0800 056 0563.

Author: Teachers Assurance

Understanding our customers’ financial needs is our business. When life is too busy and stressful to look beyond the here and now, Teachers Assurance helps customers to think ahead to what they could make from their money. It is our aim to help our customers think ahead, make plans and start saving regularly now for a brighter financial future.

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