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Have you considered the repercussions stress levels are having on your life?

Have you considered the repercussions stress levels are having on your life?


Last month we brought to you the first in our series of five sponsored posts via the Teachers’ Pet blog. In our blog post, we introduced to you the findings of the latest Teachers Assurance research survey, which questioned over 700 of the country’s teachers about the stress and pressure levels they were experiencing.

The research we conducted highlighted the overwhelming levels of stress that teachers were feeling – however the findings didn’t stop there. One of the more worrying results from our survey was that of the teachers we spoke to, a staggering 76% felt their high stress levels were having detrimental repercussions on their life.

Teachers told us that they were feeling lots of varied repercussions as a result of their high stress levels, however some of the most common answers included feeling constantly tired (83%), arguing more with partners and friends (40%) and even feeling less able to perform their role (42%).

These negative repercussions were found to be caused by a number of contributing reasons, including work, financial, health and personal worries. While there were many causes for the stress, what was clear from our findings is that teachers’ lives are being negatively affected as a result of the pressures they are under, and that these affects are very serious.

Resident life coach for NHS Online Health and professional stress and wellbeing expert, Jayne Morris provided her thoughts on our research findings, and how these levels can affect both teachers themselves and the overall economy. “Fatigue is incredibly detrimental to a teacher’s ability to carry out their work effectively, which in turn negatively affects the quality of their teaching. On average 13.2 days sick leave are taken per teacher in the UK. This substantial amount of absenteeism depletes the British economy due to the unprecedented costs on our medical and social support systems.”

Check back for the next in our series of blogs when we share more of our findings, including the overwhelming levels of financial stress identifies within the teaching profession.

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  1. I think the stress of teaching is highly underrated and should be something that is monitored externally and confidentially. Having just returned from a lengthy absence due to severe ill health caused my place of employment I was put under such extreme stress immediately and ultimately unfairly dismissed on health grounds. If we were not in a position where everyone rallies around the senior management of a school in such situations it would not have got so far and I only rest in the knowledge that my case worker is doing all she can to ensure that this does not go unknown. Having said that, having been forced into such a position I was able to take stock and with the immense support of my friends and family I have realised that teaching is a career that can easily consume your whole life. I majoratively cut my friends off from one term to another, easily worked a 70+ hour week every week and many days in the holidays, particularly half terms and found that in order to reach ever changing goasl there was always something else I could do. I became almost neurotic. In the immediate days after leaving it was said that I was laughing like they hadn’t heard me laugh in ages, I badger my friends no end, spend days away from home and can truly say, despite not having the luxury of a teacher’s salary(which at the time seemed meagre)I am enjoying life more thn evercan honestly say that for a great number of teachers a work life balance is almost unachievable.

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