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Have you thought about your recent stress levels?

Have you thought about your recent stress levels?

At Teachers Assurance we recently carried out a research survey among teachers in Britain, designed to uncover more information about the levels of stress those in the profession were suffering from.

Our survey was carried out in conjunction with education research specialist SchoolZone, and together we questioned over 700 teachers about the reasons behind their stress levels, and also how these stresses were causing repercussions on both their personal and private lives. We think it’s really important for teachers to know how their colleagues are feeling, and we’re sure that there are lots of situations where those in the profession can associate with one another’s worries.

As a result, we’ve decided to bring a series of five sponsored posts to the Teacher’s Pet Blog, which will share with you some of our most interesting findings, as well as suggest ways that teachers such as yourself can start to alleviate one of the main stress contributors we found – financial worries.

For our first post, we wanted to start at the beginning, and talk about the overall stress levels that we found teachers were feeling.

So firstly we’d like you to stop and consider – are you truly in control of your stress levels, or are the worries you are facing having an impact on your life?

If you’re not too sure whether you’re in control, the important thing to remember is that you’re not on your own. Every single teacher that we spoke to through our survey admitted to feeling stressed, with 70% of teachers rating themselves as a 5 or above on a seven point scale.

Teachers told us that there were lots of reasons as to why they were feeling stressed, including work place, financial, personal and health related worries. While there were varying levels of stress felt as a result of each of these contributors, what was clear to see in our findings was the high levels of stress being felt within the teaching profession.

Next week’s blog will talk a little more about our research findings, highlighting the repercussions that teachers told us stress levels were having on their lives.

In the meantime for more information about Teachers Assurance, please visit www.teachersassurance.co.uk or call on 0800 056 0563.

Author: Teachers Assurance

Understanding our customers’ financial needs is our business. When life is too busy and stressful to look beyond the here and now, Teachers Assurance helps customers to think ahead to what they could make from their money. It is our aim to help our customers think ahead, make plans and start saving regularly now for a brighter financial future.

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