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How are changes to pay and benefits affecting your worries? Teachers tell us the answer

How are changes to pay and benefits affecting your worries? Teachers tell us the answer

Over the past month, Teachers Assurance has brought to you a number of blog posts via Teacher’s Pet, each of which has shared the findings of our recent stress research survey. As you will have read the survey we conducted, which questioned over 700 teachers throughout Britain, revealed that there is an epidemic of stress throughout the industry, and that high stress levels are serving to affect both the personal and professional lives of teachers.

One crucial area that we explored within our research was the impact that recent and proposed changes to pay and benefits within the industry are having on teachers’ worries. We wanted teachers to tell us how they feel as a result of these changes, as well as the impact that these worries are having on their overall financial stress levels.

So what did we find out?

What became immediately apparent through our research results was that changes to teachers’ pay and pensions are indeed causing increased stress levels for a large percentage of teachers, with 68% of those surveyed stating they were either definitely or probably more stressed as a result.

Another crucial finding within our research survey was the high impact that performance related pay is having on stress levels within the profession. In total 65% of those for whom performance related pay had either been introduced or was on the agenda admitted to feeling an increased level of overall stress as a result. With performance related pay and benefits likely to increase in the coming years, these startlingly high figures prove a worry for the present and future state of the teaching profession.

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